Where are Magento Email Templates Located?

Magento email templates make it easier to keep customers up-to-date with the latest news from your store. The templates mean you can type an email in very little time and send it out to everyone on your mailing list. If you are trying to find a specific template to adjust it, then you will need to know where they are located.

What Emails does Magento send out?

Magento is capable of sending out various emails. These include marketing emails and also sending emails when a customer places an order. All of these emails are formatted using email templates, which can be adjusted to change the design.

Where are Email Templates Stored?

Email templates are stored in a folder within the theme you’re currently using. You can view these in the module dir/view/area/email folder. For example, the email template for the order emails can be found in /view/frontend/email/order_new.html. You can copy these email templates to your local computer in case you mess them up when editing them manually.

Customizing Email Templates

There are two different ways you can customize email templates in Magento. You can either use a theme to change the email template, or you can manually make adjustments in the admin panel. The easiest way will be to manually make changes to the email templates through the store’s admin panel.

Manually customizing Email Templates in the Magento Admin

Manually customizing the email templates in the admin panel of Magento is very easy. Start by logging into the administration panel. Then click on Marketing, Communications and click Email Templates. This will display a list of email templates currently used in your Magento store.

Click on Add New Template, and then you can select a template as a default template. Make the changes to the template styles by adjusting the CSS styles sheets. Once you have done the changes, you can then save the template. By using a default template, you will find it easier since you don’t have to start from the outset.

Once you have created the email template you then need to specify what it will be used for. To do this, click on Stores, Settings, Configuration, Sales, and then Sales Emails. Then select the template that you want to use.


Magento is highly user-customizable. You can vary the email templates, and also the content of the emails. This allows you plenty of control over the information that is sent out.