Where are Magento Backups Stored?

Magento might be easier to use than other eCommerce platforms, but you will still need to invest a lot of time into building the perfect store. Regular backups are essential to protecting all of your hard work. Should anything happen then you will be able to restore your store to a time when everything worked.

Magento makes it easy to perform regular backups and restore them. If your business is dependent on your Magento store, then it’s essential you check that the data is backed up securely.

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Step 1 – Signing into the Admin Panel

The first step in making a backup is to log into the admin panel of your site. Once inside click on Tools which is located in the system menu.

Step 2 – Choosing the type of Backup

There are several different types of backup which can be carried out through the Magento control panel. These are:

  • System Backup
  • Database backup
  • Database and media backup

System backups will automatically copy all of the files that are used in your store and compress them into an archive. The archive remains on the server, but can also be downloaded onto a local computer if necessary for improved security.

The database backup function will make an exact copy of your entire database. This is crucial for all stores since it will protect all of the products that are in your catalogue.

The database and media backup will perform a quick backup of the database and media folders. However, it won’t backup any themes or other types of files in your store.

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Step 3 – Backup over FTP

For added security, it’s a good idea to log into your web server using an FTP client. Simply download all of the files in your Magento installation and save them on your local drive. These can then be compressed or put onto removable storage.

Step 4 – Restoring Backups

By backing up files through the Magento control panel, you’re making it very easy to restore and roll back to a previous state if you encounter any problems.

Where are Backup Files Stored?

The automatic backups performed by the Magento control panel are all stored on your web server. They are in a directory called /var/backups. You can use an FTP client to connect to your web server and download these backups for added protection.

It’s worth checking the backups are created. If Magento doesn’t have the correct write permissions, then it will fail to create a file, but doesn’t always throw up an exception.


Regular backups are vital for the added protection of your investment and store. By copying these to your computer you are also protecting yourself from the possibility of the web server becoming damaged or corrupt.

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