Where are Magento Themes Located?

Magento can be customized through the use of themes. Themes can be downloaded from the internet and then uploaded to your site. Once the themes are installed and activated, they will change the look and feel of your site instantly. Learning where these themes are located will make it much easier for you to understand and make changes.

Where are the Themes Located Online?

If you are looking for themes online, then you won’t have to look tirelessly. There are many different sites dedicated to offering a wide selection of various eCommerce platform themes. Not all of these are free, so it’s worth deciding whether or not you can justify buying a theme.

Normally, if you purchase a theme you will get something that is bit more unique and professional looking, but that isn’t always the case. If you’re prepared to put a bit of effort into customizing a stock theme, then you can get great results for free.

Where are Magento Backups Stored?

Where are Magento Themes located in Magento?

All Magento themes used in your store are installed on your web server. As everything is accessed from the web server, there is no danger of anything being unavailable. Themes are put into different folders Denver Broncos jersey youths which make it possible for the store to select different ones.


FTP Client

If you don’t already have one, then you’ll need to get yourself an FTP client. FTP clients allow you to log into your web server remotely and view the files and folders in a similar way to file explorer on your desktop computer. This allows you to navigate to the theme folders and make changes.

Skin Directory

The themes are stored in the china jersey shop skin directory of a Magento installation. This folder is found in the root of the Magento installation. Inside here there are three different skins folders, including frontend, admin, and install. You will only normally be interested in the frontend skins.

Any new themes need to be uploaded into this directory. Once uploaded the themes can then be viewed and activated from within the Magento admin control panel.


Although knowing where themes exist is a great idea, sometimes it might not be essential. For an cheap nfl jersey made in china easier option, you could just stick to using themes from the Magento Connect site. This makes installing them as simple as copying and pasting a code into the installer within the admin panel itself. View Magento theme


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